Yedi Adalar


It is as though Mother Nature has spread some intricate lacework in these parts, with the scenery around Yedi Adalar enchanting enough for those on a Map of Yedi Adalar. ‘Blue Voyage’ to explore the many inland bays. After coming out of Tuzla Koyu, you can set a course for Yedi Adalar, passing Hirsiz Koyu and going beyond Teke Burnu and Teke Koyu.

Entering Yedi Adalar can be accomplished by navigating between Deka Burnu and the island in front of it. Navigating by either side of the island closest to the mainland from here, you’ll approach the deepest E inlet called Küfre. Here, you can moor near the shores. At the edge of this place where the flora comes down to greet the surf, there is a market and a restaurant. At the furthest point of the bay is a flowing stream, which is the reason why there is a marshy area around here, whereas it is more appropriate to moor along the N shores of the bay. Yedi Adalar, which is exposed to the meltem in the summer and W winds in the winter, receives very little wind and is thus an important mooring spot. Here, you can replenish your supply of drinking water.

After departing Küfre, you can sail into Sakli Liman, which is situated on the S shore of the B peninsula. This bay resembles an index finger and is also a decent spot to drop anchor. One can enter Sakli Liman either by passing via KUfre or else between the islands in front. You can drop anchor anywhere in the bay and have a really enjoyable time in the sheltered bay of Sakli Liman.

The other coves in and around Yedi Adalar are Karaagaç Limani and Gokagaç Limani, the later of which is situated B of Taneli Burun. If you want to plot a course W from here or wish to come from the W, you should pass between Taneli Burun and the island in front of it. There are several small inlets situated in Gokagaç Limani. In addition there are small inlets on both sides of Taneli Boron.

We wanted to view this wide bay, known as ‘Yedi Adalar,’ as there are seven islands of various sizes, from the mainland. What we noticed was that the unbelievable beauty is as hidden from the mainland as it is from the sea. The panoramic collage of green woodland and deep blue water works its magic to take on the hue of turquoise. Taking a car up to the top of the hill from Amazon Koyu, you will enjoy just looking down on Yedi Adalar until you reach Kufre. You can end your Yedi Adalar trip here at a coffeehouse owned by 80-year old Uncle Kemal, who knows everything there is to know about Yedi Adalar.