Palamut Bükü

After departing Knidos, you will find Palamut Bükü to be enticing as a secure spot to drop anchor. Situated 5.5 nautical miles SE of Knidos, you can cruise into Palamut Bükü by navigating past Divan Burnu. The island of Palamut Bükü is situated in front of the wide Palamut Limani. Taking a convenient bearing off this island will guide you as you enter the harbor while by manuevering between the island and the mainland. You can moor your vessel in the clear waters next to the NW shoreline of Palamut Bükü. As this spot is exposed to the S and SE prevailing winds, it would be wiser to enter the harbor in front of the village of Palamut, which has a four-cornered dock and two breakwaters of varying lengths. Entering this harbor is stress-free, whereby it offers shelter from all winds. There is a fishermen’s shelter situated in front, and as it has recently been dredged, you can moor anywhere in this harbor.

Palamut Bükü derives its name from the fact that there were plenty of valonia oak trees in the vicinity. They have been replaced with almond trees. You can buy some delicious almonds as well as honey that is produced locally. You can also take advantage of the markets and restaurants in the bay as well as take care of some of your basic needs, such as shower, toilets, telephones, taxi, and an exchange bureau. Palamut Bükü is 14 km. away from Knidos overland and is also connected to Datca and Marmaris.