One of the larger islands in the Gulf of Gökova is Orak Adasi, which lies in the approach to Kargicik Bükü. The name most probably comes from the fact that the end of the island resembles a sickle. Orak Adasi is located about five nautical miles E of Kara Ada and in front of Pabuc Burnu, whereas its W and N shores are spotless. One has to take special care in maneuvering clear of the rocky shores, especially the rocks found on the edge of the F side. The scrub covered island is very indented, which is why there are several big and small bays around it. Two of these bays are notable as they are suitable anchorages.

Of these, the entrance to the bay on the N side is hazard-free, whereas there is a pebble beach inside the bay. Here, you can drop your anchor to a depth of 8-10 m. and tie your vessel to the shore. We recommend that you do not approach the shoals which are just under the water on the W side of the bay. The bay is sheltered from the SE and SW winds.

Also, a good place to drop anchor would be the bay located on the E side of the island, which is sheltered from N and W winds. There is a small islet situated in front of the bay. The bay can be entered by approaching from the N of the island and navigated past this small islet. Rocks surround the entire island as well as the bay. You can drop anchor in 4-5 m. of water and tie a mooring line around one of the rocks lining the shore of this bay, which is a decent anchorage spot. There is a small inlet located next to this bay which is also suitable for dropping anchor. These small inlets offer you some privacy whereas you can take a refreshing dip in the sea whenever your heart desires.

Yildiz Adasi is situated in front of Alakisla Bükü, which is situated three nautical miles NE of Orak Adasi. The seabed at Alakisla Bükü doesn’t hold anchor. Although a harsh meltem blows through this bay, which is exposed to the 5, it offers shelter against N and W winds.