The first stopover for vessels sailing E out of Bodrum Harbor is Pabuc Burnu and Kargicik Bükü. Located four nautical miles E of Kara Ada, Pabuç Burnu extends into the sea like a pitchfork. The cape’s edges are rocky and covered in maquis vegetation.

The bays situated here in the Pabuç Burnu Peninsula are exquisitely beautiful. The Sea Garden and the Iber Hotels are located on the landward of the peninsula extending into the sea. For this reason, mariners wishing to anchor here should show the proper consideration by maintaining a fair distance away from the beaches in front of these resorts. The bays here, with their pines spreading cool shade all around, attract attention for their crystal clear waters that change hues from blue to green.

As with the other bays, the wonderful bay in the middle of Pabuc Burnu Peninsula has been transformed into the beach of Iber Hotel. This is why it is only possible to drop anchor in the front part of the bay, which offers shelter from W winds. The hotels here blend well with their natural surroundings. The wide Kargicik Bükü is situated to the E of these resorts, which overlook both of the bays. Vessels which cannot find a decent anchorage in either of these two bays can moor in Kargicik BUkü between the peninsula and the mainland. The islands of Kistak and Orak are situated N and in front of Kargicik BUkü, which is a tranquil bay. The depth of the sand on the W side of the bay is 5-6 in., and you can tie a mooring line around the rocks.

There is only the occasional meltem to contend with here. You will enter Kargicik Bükü by navigating around either side of Kistak Adasi. However, while navigating in these waters, you have to watch out for the small islet situated to the N of Kistak.