Without a doubt, the most prominent harbor on Datca Peninsula is Körmen Harbor. During the summer. ferryboats operate on a regular basis between Körmen and Bodrum, which are on opposite sides of the Gulf of Gökova. Körmen is just three km. from Datca by road and 2.7 nautical miles SW of Ince Burun, which is marked on the chart with a lighthouse.

Vessels arriving at Körmen Harbor from Bodrum or Gökova moor up in one of two docks for fishing boats and yachts. In mooring, go stern-to or bow-to. The bottom is sand and weed and mostly good holding.

There are water, electricity and telephone connections at the quay as well as taxis waiting for passengers. The restaurant here serves fresh fish caught in the Aegean Sea. You can stock up on fresh provisions in Datca as well.

Körmen Harbor provides decent year-round shelter against the wind. For this reason, it shelters boats from surrounding bays, too. It is an ideal place to windsurf, as well. The village of Karaköy is situated next to the harbor, which is connected to Datça via a maintained road.