Gulf of Fethiye

In sailing E from the direction of Marmaris, you will round Kurtoglu Burnu to enter the Gulf of Fethiye, which is one of the most beautiful gulfs in the world. Situated between Kurtoglu Burnu and Iblis Burnu are 12 islands of various sizes and several magnificent bays in this gulf which is swathed in forests. You will never get enough of these bays and they are going to ensure that you have a very delightful time here.

Once inside the gulf, the island closest to Fethiye is Sovalye Adasi, which is followed by Kizilada. To the N of this are the islands of Deliktas and Tavsan. Opposite Küçük Kargi Koyu is Katrancik Island, whereas Göcek Adasi is across from Göcek. To the S of Göcek Adasi is Yassica Adalari and S of this is Haci Halil Adasi. The small island adjacent to Haci Halil is Seytanli Adasi. The largest islands in the gulf, Tersane Adasi and Domuz Adasi, are situated near the peninsula. It is as though Mother Nature has spread some intricate lacework over the bays and islands on the W side of the Gulf of Fethiye.

As for the E shores of the Gulf of Fethiye, there are a number of bays that are enveloped by green forests just like the opposite shores. Here, one can frolic in the bays of Katranci, Küçük Kargi and Inlice. There are forest campgrounds in these bays, which can be reached overland. Göcek is located in the N of the Gulf. Göcek, which has developed in recent years with its new yacht harbor, is the Gulf’s only inhabited spot. For this reason the bays inside the gulf are called ‘the bays of Göcek.’

Çiftlik Koyu is the closest bay to Göcek. Next to this is Doruklu Koyu, then Osmanaga Koyu is reached by turning past Ince Burnu. In the S of this bay is Günlüklü Koyu, which is famous for its styrax trees, the leaves of which are used in the manufacture of perfume. Further on, the bays of Akbükü, Boynuz Bükü, Bedri Rahmi and Sirali Bükü appear in all their splendor. The bay adjacent to Martin Burnu is known as Dip Bay. Later on, you will encounter the bays of Büyük and Küçük Sarsala, Manastir, Çamli Koyu, Merdivenli Koyu, and finally we come to the last bay in the gulf, which is Göbün Koyu.

This beautiful gulf was also discovered by our ancient ancestors, and they benefitted from all this beauty by settling here before us. For instance, you will encounter the ancient city of Lydae, which is situated above the Aga Harbor in the S part of Kapidas Peninsula on the W shore of the gulf. IL can be reached by trekking from Asa Koyu or Manastir Koyu.