Dergirmen Bükü

One of the most famous bays of Gökova which has a number of coves is Degirmen Bükü. Surrounded by pine forests, it extends inland as far as 2.8 nautical miles. For this reason it became a sheltered cove formed from a deep inlet. Besides possessing some incredible beauty with greenery spread out like Robin Hood’s tunic, it also derives its rightful fame from a number of sheltered coves and inlets. A few years ago, a major forest fire broke out at several points, which resulted in the destruction of the pine forests. Despite all this, it still looks quite impressive.

One can enter Degirmen Bükü by navigating past either side of Zeytinli Ada, which is positioned in front. If you are approaching Degirmen Bükü from the W, you need to steer clear of Köremen Adalari in front of Çicekli Burnu, which are about one nautical mile from the bay. These extend 270 m. into the sea and are 360 m. in length from E to W. In addition, one needs to take caution when manuevering around the sandbar situated 350 m. E of the Köremen Adalari. If you are approaching from the E, you can enter the bay by maneuvering W of Karaada and Zeytinli Ada.

From the W shore, let’s try to introduce you to this beautiful bay of Degirmen Bükü, which has plenty of mooring points on every side. The first cove on the bay’s W side is called Hirsiz Limani (Thieves’ Harbor). It’s not known just exactly where the name originates from, however the deep bay adjacent to this one is known as Ingiliz Limani (English Harbor). Because Royal Navy warships hid here during World War II, its previous name was discarded and it became to be known from then on as ‘Ingiliz Limani.’ So if this narrow inlet extending northwards in the fjord was good enough for the British, then it is a good enough alternative anchorage for you as well. Even if this beautiful cove has lost some of its old splendor from a fire that roared through the hills above, it still is quite nice. This area has been reforested and it is only a
matter of a couple of years before it recovers its previous beautiful appearance.

The bottom part of Degirmen Bükü is called Malderesi Limani. The Gazulen Stream empties into the sea at this point. Due to security reasons, it is forbidden to pass through this area as the Presidential Villa is situated at Okluk Limani. The F bank of Degirmen Bükü is covered in forests and is charming in appearance. There are also several inlets in these parts for yachts to moor up.

Okluk Koyu, which is situated here, forms a decent mooring point. There are restaurants here, whereas vessels can moor alongside the restaurants’ jetties. If you wish to go up further, you can find a number of spots to moor your vessel in a draft of 5-6 m. The statue of a mermaid at the front of the promontory is waiting there as if to show you the way.
In addition to the restaurants in Degirmen Bükü, you can also procure some provisions from a small market nearby. Using a pipe and a motor pump, you may replenish your tanks with delicious drinking water. From Malderesi, it is only 15 minutes to Sögüt and another 30 minutes to Marmaris by road.