Ciftlik Limani

Çiftlik Limani is located one nautical mile NE of Ince Burun, whereas Çiftlik Adasi is situated in front of this beautiful bay with its wide beach. This island facilitates relative protection for the bay from prevailing NW and SE winds. There is a holiday village at the B end of this round bay, whereas hotels and restaurants are found in the middle. The concrete pier in front of the holiday village belongs to the hotel. There are steel piers in front of the restaurants in the bay. You can secure your yacht along one of the piers in this beautiful bay and dine in one of the restaurants here. Excursion boats departing from Marmaris call on this bay quite frequently. You can enter Çiftlik Harbor by manuevering past either side of the island in front of the village. There is an asphalt road that connects Çiftlik Koyu with Bayir Koyu. If you wish, go into Bayir Village and wander around various places on the peninsula from here.

The ancient city of Syrna is located on top of Yancagiz Hill in the NE of Bayir Village, whereas this site was famous during the Hellenistic Period for the Asklepios Temple which was erected here