The closest bay to Marmaris is that of Turunc Bükü, situated at a distance of two nautical miles outside Kumlu Bükü. Because of the cape situated in front, Turunc Bükü is regarded as a safe haven from prevailing winds. One can navigate into the bay by sailing between the island of Kargatasi and the mainland. There is a reef off the shore of the mainland, about half a nautical mile NW of this island.

There is the Turunc Hotel, a large complex inside the bay, as well as residences located across from the hotel. You can drop anchor anywhere except in front of the hotel which is located in the S quadrant of this beautiful bay. In addition you can moor your yacht by tying a line on land in front of the yacht club. Your anchor will also catch on the sandy seafloor in the NW of the bay. Another option is to tie your yacht up along the restaurants piers located in the center section of the bay and dine in one of the restaurants here. Because Turunc is so close to Marmaris, you can moor your yacht here, go overland into Marmaris and return the same way.

Turunc Bükü is a popular spot with excursion boats that embark from Marmaris so it gets quite crowded here from time to time. As there are services such as a market, bakery, and a PTT in Turunç, it is possible to replenish your pantries and iceboxes here.

You can sail into Icmeler after departing Turunç Bükü. Marmaris is reached by navigating between the islands of Yildiz and Keçi. Once you moor your vessel in the yacht harbor or alongside the pier, you can go ashore and get acquainted with the natural and cultural wealth of Marmaris and the vicinity.