The largest island in the Gulf of Fethiye is that of Tersane Adasi. One enters Tersane Koyu, which is a natural harbor stretching inland on the islandís NW side, through a deep channel measuring 100 m. across. You can anchor in anywhere in the bay except the E and NE parts, where sunken sections of piers are scattered about in the shallows. It is safer to moor on the W side as it is closed off to the prevailing lodos and yildiz winds.

The restaurant on the island, which is managed by a young man named Yildirim Acar, is of the quality that can easily meet your demands. We know that Tersane Adasi, which used to be known as Telandria, was inhabited during ancient times.

However, there are a total of 140 dilapidated houses on land as well as submerged in the sea that catch oneís eye. These houses belonged to the islandís inhabitants who emigrated to Rhodes in 1923.

There are ruins of two churches, one adjacent to the well and the other on the hill, as well as the graves of the ancient peopleís community leaders in the W.

The island derived its name from the fact that the Ottoman naval fleet used it as a shipyard during World War I. Before the population exchange, the people here were known to be involved with raising fruit orchards and animal husbandry. Again, you can still encounter fruit orchards and goat herds.