The bay of Selimiye Koyu is situated three nautical miles S of Keçi Bükü. It was known in ancient times as Sinos Skhoenos, which means ‘Pipette Bay’ in English. Although II is not situated on any maritime shipping route, there is a Byzantine shipwreck located at the mouth of Selimiye Koyu. This ship, which struck the shoals here, was carrying up to 2,000 amphora vessels. In addition to dropping anchor inside Selimiye Koyu, which is a natural harbor, suitable anchorage is found ‘1) in front of Selimiye Koyu, 2) in Delikli Yol Limani, 3) Dalyan Burnu, as well as 4) inside Sig Limani, which is adjacent to Sig Burnu and on the opposite side of Dalyan Burnu.

However, Selimiye Koyu is more secure than the others. You can sail into the bay by manuevering between Sig Burun and Kara Burun. As there is an islet and a reef in front of Kara Burun, you will need to enter the bay from the Sig Burun side. Llowever, you must lea\e plenty of room between your vessel and the rocks at the cape and the shallow waters on the W side of the bay. You can drop anchor to the W of Buruncuk Burnu at the end of the bay and dine in one of the restaurants. If you moor along the jetty that belongs to the restaurants here, you’ll have the opportunity to hook your vessel up to water, electricity and telephone lines. You’ll be able to see some remnants of a castle on the islet in the middle of the bay, however it is not clear whether it was built to ensure the safety of the bay or else operated as a lighthouse.

There are three other castles in the vicinity of Selimiye, one of which is in the hills above Selimiye. Another is on Sarikaya Hill, while the third one is Asarkale. The castle directly above Selimiye can be seen from the road, whereas it appears to be relatively intact. It is a strong probability that these castles were used before the Byzantine Period as well. For instance, we know that Rome annexed this region to Rhodes during the Kingdom of Rhodes. The ruins of the ancient town of Hyda are situated in Asartepe in the hills above Selimiye Koyu. You can easily replenish your provisions from the village of Selim lye, which is located around the bay of Selimiye.