Kuruca Buk

Once the deckhands have hauled up the anchor in Datca, have the helmsman steer a course E past Karaincir Adalari, Karabuk Burnu and Kalemlik Burnu to arrive in Çiftlik Koyu. This bay will strike your attention for its white residences nestled within green woods. Because this wide bay is exposed to winds, the adjacent Kuruca Bükü is preferred. The bay is entered by cruising around Adatepe Burnu and paying close attention as you manuever past the island of ciftlik. Opposite the bay are the three Kuruca Adalari. After spotting these islands, you can sail comfortably into Kuruca Bükü and drop anchor in this secure bay, which is sheltered by the fact that the Adatepe Peninsula shunts off all prevailing winds. It is considered to be a secure bay as it is situated between Bozon Burnu and Adatepe Peninsula.

There is a wide sandy beach that splits Çiftlik Limani with Kuruca Bükü. Concurrently,this beach connects the Adatepe Peninsula with the mainland. You can moor your yacht to the jetty in front of the restaurant located on the beach. In addition, you can also moor in a natural shelter in the form of a slight inlet in the part of the bay that faces the Aktur residences on the peninsula. You can also drop anchor in this bay which is just opposite another complex of Aktur’s homes with flower gardens that can be made out through the trees that come down to the sea. This is an ideal anchorage point on windy days. You can tie a mooring line up to the shore and take a dip in the crystal clean sea shaded by trees. During the winter months the bay is affected by winds blowing in from the SE, at which time the adjacent bay, Çiftlik Koyu is to be preferred. There are campgrounds inside the bay, whereas you can also benefit from the pharmacy, post office and bank offices located in the Aktur residential complex.