Pulling out of Mersincik Limani and steering past Tekir Bükü, you will maneuver past lskandil Burnu to arrive in the small harbor of Knidos, which is the final bay along the Aegean seaboard. This was military harbor of Knidos, whereas the ancient geographer and historian Strabon from central Anatolia once wrote that 20 ships were able to moor here simultaneously. Warships once entered the harbor through a corridor to manuever past two round-shaped control towers at the narrowest spot. Please take note that the harbor on the N side of the isthmus is clogged with silt and with a draft of one meter is too shallow for even the smallest of boats. The actual harbor in use today is on the opposite side of the isthmus which is reached by navigating around Deveboynu Burnu. and its lighthouse, which can be seen as far as the entrance, The harbor entrance is 160 m. wide and one should approach the dock keeping clear of the ancient breakwaters. The one on the SW side is still in good condition, but the one in the NE side is submerged and can only be seen as a greenish-brown smudge under the water. Yachts can moor lines to the wooden jetties situated in front of the ancient city of Knidos. Draft in front of these jetties is down to 3.5 in., so you should be able to moor here without any trouble. In addition, you can easily drop anchor either in front of the theater inside the bay or else across from it. In addition to the ancient structures here, there is also a restaurant, an excavation bureau and storage facilities as well as a gendarmes station. The main harbor becomes unusable whenever severe gusts from the S and SE blow in. The road coming from Datça ends at the harbor. Moor your vessel in the main harbor of ancient Knidos and thoroughly enjoy the history and sea.