Kemer is situated in the skirts of high, smoky mountains 0.7 nautical miles W of the steep white limestone cliffs of Av Burnu and 45 km. SW of Antalya. Entrance into the marina is easily accomplished by navigated through two breakwaters 100 m. apart, however there are reefs extending into the sea 260 m. in front of Av Burnu which require special caution. If you are approaching from the N, you will also have to beware of shoals 1.5 m. situated below the surface 800 m. to the N of the entrance to the harbor. Arriving or departing at night is facilitated by means of the two lighthouses placed at the ends of the breakwaters. Club Mediterranean is located next door to the Marina in Ayisigi Koyu. Also, Kemerís close proximity to ancient cities such as Phaselis and Olympos is another choice factor which attracts Blue Voyagers. .