As no commercial maritime traffic passes through the Gulf of Hisarönü, the historical bay of Keci Bükü is an ideal spot to anchor, with plenty of natural beauty. Vessels of all sizes can take shelter from prevailing winds in this beautiful bay, which serves as the harbor for the village of Orhaniye. You can drop anchor in all parts of the bay, whereas Marti Marina is situated at the entrance. Manuevering past the marina, you will find several motels, pensions and restaurants, all of which are operated by the local inhabitants of Orhaniye, located two km. E. You can moor alongside one of the jetties in front of these and dine in any of the restaurants as well as shop in the markets here. Vessels can even secure a mooring line along one of the jetties in front of the restaurants and hotels located in the deepest part of the bay. The best place to anchor is in the W inlet at the bay’s S point, in a draft of 8-10 m. with a wet clay bottom. This spot is isolated from winds of all directions. Kizkumu, which extends towards the end of Keçi Bükü, is a very shallow formation which doesn’t allow for vessel transits. For this reason, you will have to pass further on up from here. People looking at those walking on the sand from their boats across the bay might think that they are miraculously walking on the surface of the sea instead. There is a legend behind the 600-rn. long Kizkumu, which splits the bay in two. Once upon a time, there was a young lass who wanted to reach her lover who was stranded on the opposite shore of the bay. She filled her skirt with sand, but it apparently wasn’t enough, for she drowned about halfway to the other side.

There are fortification walls found on the island situated inside the bay. This indicates that the bay was protected in ancient times by this island fortress. From the walls on the island as well as a 5th century church found inside the Marti Marina, the walls of which are still intact, we understand that this bay carried some significance during the Byzantine Period. It is thought that the parishioners of the church were mariners. Up to now, it has been said that this bay was the site of the ancient city of Bybassos. However, that assumption has been proven to be erroneous as it was recently determined that Bybassos was situated in the Gulf of Hisarönü whereas the ancient city of Hygassos was located in Orhaniye.