After spending enough time wandering about Karacaören Adalari, Gemiler Adasi, Bektas Limani and Ölü Deniz, it’s time to set sail towards Kalkan. In manuevering around Kötü Burun and Yedi Burun, and making a cautious transit around the reef situated two nautical miles SE of Ince Burnu, you shall arrive in front of Patara. However, because the sea is constantly in motion, it is not wise to stop here for any length of time. So, let’s just look at Patara’s wide beach from the yacht and continue on our way. We reach Kalkan by navigating between Yali Burnu and Çatal Adalari. The yacht harbor and breakwater in Kalkan, which is exposed to the NW wind, is a secure shelter for yachts. The harbor has been completely renovated in recent years and is able to meet all your yachting needs. Before the founding of the Turkish Republic, Kalkan was known as Kalamiki and it was an old Greek village.

Today, it has been transformed into a spot which is preferred by numerous people with its clean pensions, and restaurants serving up fresh fish and appetizers. You can also take daily sidetrips from Kalkan to visit the ruins of ancient Lycian cities in the vicinity, such as Patara, Letoon and Xanthos. In addition, Yesilköy Limani, which is just opposite Kalkan, is a decent place to drop anchor.