Here, a modern village is interspersed with edifices remaining from antiquity. Paying close attention to the islets in front, you can manuever to a point in front of Kaleköy, where the ruins of the ancient city of Simena are found. You can tie a mooring rope around one of the jetties here which belong to the restaurants. However, take heed of the sunken pier in front of these restaurants. Because it is exposed to the SW winds, it does not offer much shelter, so it is not a good idea to stay moored very long.

Kaleköy has an intriguing appearance in that there is a medieval castle at the top of the hill, modern structures down below the castle, with ruins of a baths and Lycian monument tombs situated in between.

The Lyican region’s smallest theater, which was carved out of the rocks, is found inside the medieval castle. From here, you won’t get enough of the view of Ucagiz and Gökkaya Koyu. You will encounter several sarcophagi scattered around the castle which date from the Hellenistic and Roman Periods. Some of these are visible in the sea along with remnants of the ancient harbor and piers.

We are going to provide you with more details of this place, where the ruins of the ancient city of Simena are found, Aperlae, which is located in Sicak Iskelesi, as well as Theimussa, which is located in Ucagiz, in our chapter entitled ‘Kekova,’ where you’ll be able to follow the history of these ancient cities as well as acquire information about the historical structures you encounter.