Possessing several beautiful bays, the Gulf of Gokova begins at Hüseyin Burnu adjacent to Turgut Reis and ends at Iskandil Burnu at the end of Datça Peninsula. That is, you will be sailing along a recess which is 60 nautical miles long from W to E between these two points. The Greek island of Kos otherwise known as Istankoy Adasi is situated at the entrance of this gulf.

In sailing out of Bodrum Harbor on your Blue Voyage, you may set a direct course for Knidos and Tekir Burnu, or else proceed along the bay-indented coastline of the Gulf of Gokova. Vessels setting out from Bodrum to visit Gokova navigate past Karaada, famous for its hot springs and known in ancient times as Arkanessos, then Fabuç Burnu, to arrive at Kargicik Koyu. Before reaching this point, you will see a small island called Kistak that you can maneuver past on either side, but care must be taken to avoid the small rocky islet to the N of the island. Yachts may anchor on its S side of Kargicik, which is a nice, large bay. Taking a swim in its crystal-clear water is a distinct pleasure. Before Kargicik Koyu is Orak Adasi, where there are two bays, one to the E and the other to the N. The best anchorages are along the NW side. Leaving here, you sail past Kara Burun to reach Alaksla Koyu, prior to which you will see Yildiz Adasi, whereby you should navigate your vessel close to the island and the mainland. It is possible to anchor off the SW point of the bay. After leaving Alakisla Koyu, you will cruise by Tekerek Limani, 11gm Limani and Kargili to finally arrive in Cokertme Koyu, which is the best anchorage around. This spot is surrounded by pine woods and olive groves and provides shelter from the prevailing winds. Inside the bay is the village of Cokertme, the W side of which is a decent anchorage point.

Departing Cokertme, you will arrive at Camalti Koyu, the jetty for Oren where you may visit the ruins of Keramos. Located 48 km. from Milas, this Carian city can be reached overland as well. The modern town of Oren is situated over the ancient city of Keramos. Though we don’t know exactly when it was founded, Keramos goes back to at least the 5th century B.C. as it was a member of the Delian Confederacy.

Pulling out of Oren and proceeding 6.5 nautical miles past Kara Burun, you will sail into Akbük Limani. Situated at the foot of thickly wooded mountains. Akbük is a very decent harbor which offers shelter against W and NW winds. There is a cafe and a restaurant here and one may anchor on the jetty before the harbor or else W of it. From here one may proceed to Gokova Iskelesi, the extreme end of the Gulf of Gokova.

Encircled by emerald green mountains, one never tires of the beauty of Gokova. There are two concrete jetties here and one may anchor in front of the bay. If you are planning to travel to Marmaris from here by car, you shall be able to gaze from the road