We thought it would be appropriate to mention these three coves here together. Proceeding past Serçe Limani, the cove to the N of the Ince Ada Peninsula is lnce Ada Koyu, otherwise known by the local people as Gerbe Kilise or Gerbe Church. The cove of Akyar Burnu, which is one nautical mile NE of the Ince Ada Peninsula, possesses a spectacular appearance. There are Byzantine ruins and the debris of a few small churches. This was an important Byzantine harbor, which offers good protection from the meltem and from all other prevailing winds, for that matter. If you are navigating from the SW, you can take a bearing off of the yellowish red rocks of Akyar Burnu. There are reefs and shallows located in front of the cape. You can moor up your yacht towards the W and SW direction by dropping anchor in a hard sand bank with a draft of 5—6 m. which stretches towards the shore.