Situated right next door to Kekova, Gökkaya Koyu possesses awe-inspiring beauty with the indented shores of several islands positioned in front. Vessels can find a spot to anchor practically anywhere in the bay. In front of Gökkaya Koyu are the islands of Asirli and Kisneli whereby there is a smaller island between these known as Kasirli. There are smaller islets spread around inside the bay. Sailing into Gökkaya Limani from Kekova, you can enter by manuevering between Kisneli Ada and the mainland and through the deep channels between Asirli Ada and Kisneli Ada. However, you will need to pay close attention to the Martini Reef to the S of Kisneli Ada. The water is clear in Gökkaya, which is an ideal anchorage as it is closed to all winds. Because the freshwater which flows off the mountains stays on top of the salty seawater, the upper layer of the water is cold while the lower layer is warm. This will come as a brisk surprise for those who want to take a refreshing dip in the water during the summer.

There is a restaurant in the bay that serves the vessels at anchor, whereas they also have a disco that you can check out at night. You can see a church apse behind Gökkaya Koyu. Adjacent to this, if you follow along the goat herders’ track to the E quadrant of the hill, you will come to the site of the ancient city of lstlada.