With its geographical position, Göcek has been transformed over the past several years to become the ‘in’ spot for salty dogs and international yachtsmen, gaining a fine reputation in the process. From the latest model yachts to the smallest boats, the bays of Göcek are one of the few places on earth that mariners can cruise throughout the year. In addition, Göcek is an ideal spot from the standpoint of wind, sea and air temperature, whereas it is located only 22 km. away from Dalaman International Airport. Moreover, its yacht harbor, which was constructed in recent years and is still undergoing expansion. has become a place of distinction. For instance, you can board a plane in Istanbul, or Ankara or from even outside the country and within a couple of hours, you’ll be whisked away from all your outside world worries to embrace Göcek, where the blue sea laps against green forests to form the magical hue of turquoise.

What was once a village until very recently, and within a short time, Göcek’s status was upgraded to that of municipality due in part to its new yacht harbors. Today, despite its restricted budgetary possibilities, the municipality still manages to go to great expense to serve arriving visitors, whereas the totally renovated boardwalk has made things much easier for mariner~. In addition, the completion of the PTT infrastructure and the installation of banking ATMs, your connections with the outside world are made swiftly. Göcek, which is situated up against the mountains, is right on top of the Fethiye Highway, which makes it easy to reach here overland. Moreover, provisions are of world standards, whereas you’ll be able to easily find all types of foreign and domestic newspapers, books and other publications.

It is possible to enter Göcek Harbor safely during the day or night. Yachts can moor alongside the pier belonging to the municipality or else Club Marina or Port Göcek, both of which are situated in Büngüs Koyu. You will find that Port Göcek blends very well into its natural surroundings.

In a town that claims to emit no water pollution whatsoever, it is as if the sea and natural surroundings were all brand new. In addition, the fact that personnel from the Göcek Culture and Tourism Association go around to the neighboring bays to collect whatever refuse they encounter goes a long way in preserving this pristine state over the long term. Also, thanks to the municipality’s public works policy, permission will not be granted for any new public works in the future, ensuring that the local ecosystem remains in balance. This region was put under special environmental protection in 1988 as a 3rd degree Natural Conservation Area.

Göcek was known as Kalimche in ancient times, whereas remnants of a breakwater and other edifices are found in the sea just outside the village, near the Forest Operations Management building. In addition, ruins found in nearby bays are evidence that there bays were utilized a long time ago. For instance, one of these is the ancient town of Daedala, which is situated in Inlice. near Göcek. A Lycian rock tomb encountered along the side of the Fethiye Highway indicates that this was the town’s necropolis, whereas more rock tombs can be seen towards the hill above the highway. The acropolis on the hill was surrounded by walls which were dressed on three sides whereas the remnants of dwellings in the acropolis are also striking. The ancient geographer and historian Strabon mentioned that Daedala was the town which divided Caria and Lycia.

There are several islands, both large and small which are situated within the Gulf of Fethiye, such as Gocek Adasi, Tersane Adasi, Domuz Adasi, Yassica Adalari, Zeytinada, Kizilada, Tavsan Adasi and Katrancik Adasi. In addition to these islands, you will also experience a number of enchanting bays such as Çiftlik Koyu, Doruklu, Osmanaga Koyu and Günlüklü Koyu, Boynuz Buku, Bedri Rahmi, Sirali, Sarsala, Manastir and Göbün.