Despite the fact that Finike, which was established on the slope of Gülmez Mountain above the Kas-Antalya road, finds itself at the Elmali Highway exit as well as being on the Antalya road, it hasn’t been able to make the progress it deserves. The construction of Setur Finike Marina was recently completed whereas it promises to be the catalyst in building up tourism activity in the town.

Finike was established at the mouth of Aykiricay with the name Phoinikos during the 5th century B.C. whereas it is believed that it was adopted 15y the Fhoenicians who had utilized it as the region’s business center. Finike was the portal that opened Limyra to the sea. The town is bordered by Alakir Stream to the B, Avlan Bell to the N, by Alacadag to the W and by the Mediterranean to the 5, It is famous for its juicy oranges and out-of-season produce.

With 30 km. of sandy beaches, big and small bays, inland forest trekking paths, and ancient cities in the vicinity, Finike is a potential tourism heaven. The most important of these cities of antiquity is Arycanda, which is situated in Arif, 22 km. outside Finike on the Elmali-Finike highway. You will reach another important Lycian city of Limyra, eight km. outside Finike off the same road, where you’ll turn E from Turuncova. Besides these ancient cities, there are also the ruins of Corydalla, located in Kumluca. It was here that some priceless silver and gold artifacts from a Byzantine Age church were found by sheer coincidence. Normally, work like this is smuggled to America where it is sold to collectors. But these artifacts, since named the Kumluca Treasure,’ are currently displayed in the Antalya Museum, thanks in part to a local woman goat herder and one of her flock, who literally stumbled over these items while grazing in a pasture. These masterpieces are interesting in that they indicate just how important Corydalla was during the late period.

Historically, Corydalla is mentioned together with Rhodiapolis, which is situated in the village of Haciveliler, 12 km. outside Finike. However, this ancient city remains entirely enveloped by a forest. There is a theater here and nearby stands a monument with 64 inscriptions indicating in what fashion the local philanthropist Opramoas assisted the other Lyican cities. In addition to these, one will encounter an abundance of sarcophagi amongst the ruins. To the W are remnants of a bathing complex. There is also the ancient city of Idebessos, which is situated near the village of Inciragaci, 30 km. away from Finike, and near Arycanda. This city of antiquity, which has seemingly vanished inside a forest like Rhodiapolis, does not receive much attention due to the fact that it is literally off the beaten path. Though there may not be much to see of this city, one can still discern remains of an aqueduct, a basilica from the Middle Ages, a bathing complex, city walls and the smallest theater in the region. The most interesting findings are inscriptions and tombs which comprise of three sarcophagi. There are more ancient cities in the surrounding area, such as Acalissos in the nearby village of Asarönü, Cormos in Karabük, Podolia in Avian, and Arneaia in Ernez. There are also ruins of a settlement called Gagai, which is located near Yeniceköy on the promontory across from Finike. This region is insatiable with its natural beauty, its coastline and fresh citrus.