Datca, from which the peninsula derives its name, is a coastal district that possesses a jetty offering shelter from the wind. The jetty is on a peninsula that stretches towards the E, four nautical miles to the N of Ince Boron, which is marked on the chart with a lighthouse. This peninsula divides two bays, one to the N and the other to the 5, whereas the one to the S is protected by a breakwater which is positioned in the sea in a SE direction. There is a half-salt, half-freshwater lake adjacent to the districtís SW shore.

You can take an easy bearing off Uzuncaada, which is indicated on the chart with a lighthouse. Vessels sailing into the bay from the exposed seaward side of Topanca Adasi can moor along the inside of the breakwater or else at the jetty. You can obtain water and fuel from the harbor. As the harbor is within Datca, you will easily be able to replenish provisions and take care of your other needs as well. In addition, Datca has public services such as a hospital, a post office, banks and a customs office.