Ceneviz Limani

With rocks on either side that shoot up like vertical walls, this bay is an ideal spot to spend the night. There is a small beach in the S of the bay which has a pine forest encroaching upon its back side. You can tie a mooring rope from the rear towards the E front. This way, it will be possible to sleep at night without your vessel rocking about in the water.

To the W is Eren Tepe, which rises like an erect wall to a height of 782 m. The rock on the E side rises directly from the sea, whereby you can moor your vessel onto the rocks here. The maquis which emerges from these steep rocks gives this great bay a distinct beauty.

Though you can anchor in any part of the bay, the best place is along the E front. Sazak Koyu is situated behind this bay. These two bays are back up against eath other. As the small bay situated in the NE of Adrasan Beach is not suitable for dropping anchor, it is used only for quick stops. In visiting the nearby Olympos ruins, you can return from Ceneviz Limani. Do not stay overnight on the wide beach in front of Olympos. In visiting this unique site of ruins, you can drop anchor in the direction of the stream that flows through the Olympos ruins. However, you will want to move on to a more suitable anchorage to spend the night.