Çökertme, which is a bay situated in front of a village of the same name. Old maritime charts indicate this bay, which is situated between Kepce Burnu and Kara Burun, used to be called Fesliyen Koyu. Island pine woods and olive groves cover the low mountains and hills surrounding the bay. Positioned 7.5 nautical miles from Alakisla Koyu, one enters Çökertme Koyu by navigating past Kepce Burnu. While on your approach from the F or W, the pine trees on top of Kara Burun, which is to the F of the bay, provide a decent bearing. You need to maintain a fair distance in maneuvering past Kara Burun as there are outcroppings of rock on its SW side.

Of the three inlets found in this bay, the middle inlet, which is to the W of the village, is the best spot for mooring. Here, with a draft of 4-6 in., your anchor will catch on the sandy bottom, whereas you can moor a line up on shore if deemed necessary. Another anchorage point would be the W inlet on the N shore. Your anchor will catch 6-8 m. down on a sea floor of sand and seaweed. Shallow waters extend 4-5 in. in front (if a small pebbled beach. Yachts can moor alongside these parts where there are a few concrete jetties in front. For instance the concrete jetty located in front of the Kaptan Restaurant handles up to ‘10 yachts and also provides fueling services. Drinking water is free of charge whereas you can replenish provisions from the market in the harbor. In addition, besides the pension and motel that are found in the bay, there is a decent restaurant here as well.

Due to a wide recess which has formed between the mountains, Çökertme Koyu offers shelter from all winds. However, the bay, which is exposed to the 5, receives an occasional big wave or two. In departing Çökertme Koyu, you can set a course for Çamalti Bükü via Kara Burun.