Sailing by Kizil Adasi and cruising towards Bozburun from in front of Kiseli Adasi, you’ll see some historical remains on this island. You will pass Yesil Adasi just before entering Bozburun. Yesil Adasi is encircled by a fortification wall, which is believed to have been constructed during the Byzantine period to defend Bozburun Koyu. You can sail past the side of the island with the walls and by taking a bearing on the minaret, then you will arrive in front of Bozburun.

As Bozburun Harbor was established right at the foot of a rocky mountain, it is sealed off from all prevailing winds. In maneuvering past two breakwaters and into the harbor, which has the capacity to handle 60-70 vessels, you can tie up alongside in an empty berth. If you have a large vessel, we recommend that you moor behind the W breakwater adjacent to the harbor entrance. The berths in front of the Gendarmes station are also considered suitable for mooring. Here the draft is 2-3 in. and big and small vessels can tie up to the pier in sequential fashion.

The draft inside the harbor ranges from 2-4 m. As the N part of the harbor is considered to be too shallow, you will need to moor in the SE part.

Electricity and water hookups are provided by the municipality, which operates the harbor. However, as there is a shortage of freshwater at Bozburun, the municipality might experience some difficulty in meeting your water needs. Bozburun, which is the nearest inhabited place to Rhodes and Simi Island is famous for its boat construction. There are 25 shipyards here that are involved in the business of constructing wooden vessels.

The historical artifacts found on the islands situated in front of Bozburun imply that it was inhabited during ancient times. In the NE quadrant of Bozburun, there lies the ancient city of Larymna, which the local people call the Castle. The city’s acropolis is found on a hill called Asartepe. The old city’s necropolis is located on the slope of the hill, which can be reached by climbing up from the vicinity of the Bozburun Pier. Here, you can encounter ruins of a fortification wall and its rectangular-shaped battlements.

The ancient city of Tymnos, which until recently was thought to be in Bozburun, is actually further E in Sögüt One can find a post office, gendarmes station and village health clinic in Bozburun where you can also dine in the restaurants and purchase provisions in the markets.