At Buku

At Bükü, which is located N of Boynuz Bükü and W of Göcek Adasi, is comprised of two bays, one situated in the S and the other in the N. There is a large boulder situated in the entrance of the bay, whereas there is a beach and a fountain amidst the pine trees on the N shore. Several bays line the shores between here and Göcek. One of these is Günlüklü Koyu, decorated with styrax trees in the immediate vicinity. Another is Osmanaga Koyu, which is located on the other side of the peninsula which borders Gunlüklü Koyu. However, beware of the small islet S of the bay which renders passage between this islet and the shore impossible. Extending out into the sea like a tongue, Ince Burun Peninsula is situated next to Osmanaga Koyu. Vessels that aren’t able to find a berth at Göcek can spend the night in the N of this peninsula. After this is Çiftlik Koyu, adjacent to Doruklu, which has campgrounds. Next to this is Büngüs Koyu, which has a really nice yacht harbor within its confines.