Üçagiz is the sole spot that connects Kekova to the mainland. This is one of the most sheltered places on Kekova, whereas the village of Uca~iz is located on the N shore of this bay, which is surrounded by green hills. Due to the islands positioned in front, entering the bay is a bit difficult. For this, you will need to navigate past the W shores of the islands on the E. This is a clean passage, however, there are submerged shoals along the shores of the islands to the W. You can also manuever by either side of the rocky island in the middle and anchor anywhere you want in the bay to a depth of 5-10 m. It is possible to see the ruins of the ancient city of Theimussa right on the shores of Ücagiz.

The Lycian tomb found amongst these ruins is significant in that is has an inscription written on it. One can see sarcophagi belonging to the Hellenistic and Roman Periods right next to the restaurants on the seashore. You can moor alongside one of the jetties situated in front of the restaurants in Ücagiz and check out the historical edifices on the shore after dining in one of these restaurants